How much space do I need?

Much depends on whether the goods you wish to store can be stacked or placed in containers such as cardboard boxes or plastic crates which are designed to be stacked.

The nominal floor areas of our storage units are :

8′ x 8′ = 64 sq/ft. – 16′ x 8′ = 128 sq/ft. – 20′ container = 160 sq/ft

A rough guide is that a small van has around 25 sq/ft of floor space and something the size of a Transit van perhaps 50 sq/ft. Larger Luton vans have around 75 sq/ft whereas a 7.5t lorry is 150 sq/ft.

If your goods are stackable then you will always make more efficient use of your storage space especially if you store the same type of items in bulk. Access to individual items is much easier if you use one of our racking or shelving solutions to allow easy access to individual items as and when you require them whilst using the maximum height available.

If you are at all unsure or just want some helpful free advice then please do talk to one of the team about available options.

We sell cardboard boxes and other packing materials and have plastic removal boxes and racking/shelving for hire at competitive rates.