Need shelving, boxes or packaging?

We can provide shelving, removal boxes, packaging and other materials on a hire or sale basis. All prices shown are subject to VAT @ 20%

Shelving. Each bay is 172cm high and has five 90 x 60 cm shelves each with a max rating of 150kg per shelf. Hire @ £2.50 / bay / wk

If you prefer to purchase your own shelving we can offer to receive and then erect this in your container for a nominal charge – We recommend Rapid Racking as a supplier of excellent quality multi-purpose shelving at reasonable cost.

Removal crates. Internal size 63 x 40 x 30 cm ( l w h) – approx. 75 litres. These sturdy plastic removal crates are ideal for a whole variety of items – Documents, household goods etc – their large volume makes them an excellent storage option. Hire @ £1 / box / wk

We stock a variety of cardboard boxes, bubblewrap and sealing tape – all of which are available to buy – just ask us for details!