Terms and Conditions of Rental

Whilst we do not specifically restrict the type of goods, other than those specified below, that you may store in our storage units anything that you do store must be done so in complete and strict adherence to any rules, regulations or legal or other guidance issued by any controlling authority for the purposes of safe and secure storage of those goods. If you wish to store any substances, especially those of a hazardous, explosive or inflammable nature, in quantities that require their storage to be controlled, then you must inform us and gain our written agreement prior to those goods being stored. The use of our storage units to store illegal substances, carry out mechanical or industrial processes, store firearms or ammunition, or any form of perishable goods (unless correctly packaged so that they are protected from and do not attract vermin) is not permitted under any circumstances. Failure to meet these rules may result in immediate termination of any tenancy agreement we have made with you and a possible forfeiture of any rental charges paid to date.

We request that all of our tenants respect the rights of our other tenants and neighbours. We especially ask that access to any storage unit is not unnecessarily restricted and that tenants keep the area around their storage unit clean and free of debris, rubbish or other items. Tenants are responsible for the safe and legal removal of any unwanted items or rubbish and that their storage unit is returned in clean, empty and tidy condition. You must ensure that contents cannot leak onto and/or contaminate the structure of the storage unit, EG oil/fuel from motor cycles etc. Drip trays or other suitable bunds should be used. Cleaning charges may be levied for failure to meet this condition.

It is an unusual benefit of our storage facility that tenants are able to make vehicular access to their storage unit at any time 24/7, 365 days of the year. Please do not make unnecessary noise or disturbance at any time – especially outside of normal working hours so that we can all continue to profit from this important asset.

The minimum period of tenancy for any of our storage units is 4 weeks (unless by prior agreement). Our discounted rates can only be applied where payment for that period is made in advance. Should a previously agreed period of tenancy be curtailed this may incur a loss of discount to the tenant.

All rentals are payable in advance and invoices are payable upon receipt. We will invoice you in advance of any payments becoming due. We reserve the right to deny your access if you fail to pay for your storage at the agreed times and at the agreed rates or if you otherwise breech these terms and conditions. Payment of rental invoices is deemed to confirm your acceptance of our Terms and Conditions of Rental.